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Birthdate:Oct 25
Location:Wisconsin, United States of America
This is my personal journal, I'm not really intersted in adding anyone at this time.

Interests (143):

agnostic atheism, albert einstein, amnesty international, ancient history, ancient rome, animal welfare, animals, anti-racism, antique books, antiques, archeology, archery, architecture, art, astronomy, atheism, baby snakes, being childfree, bellydance, bondage, bookbinding, books, bookstores, bristol renaissance faire, buddhism, buffy the vampire slayer, cats, chai, charles darwin, chicago, civil rights, cognitive science, compassion, computers, conservation biology, conversation, cuddling, dancing, debunking white, dennis kucinich, depression, dogs, dragons, earth, eclectic people, eddie izzard, embroidery, environment, equality, evolution, fletching, foreign policy, forests, free thinkers, freedom from religion, gardens, german, global climate change, gothic, hand sewing, herb, historical costuming, homosexual agenda, human progress, information science, intelligence, jararvellir, jon stewert, juicing, knitting, laughter, learning, letting go, librarians, libraries, life, linguistics, living over the rainbow, love, madison, meditation, mental illness, mercy, milwaukee, monty python, mother fools, movies, museums, music, national public radio, northshield, obama, old computer games, orbital, original star wars, pain, passion, peace, photography, pitbulls, pixar, politics, prochoice, renewable energy, robot chicken, ropework, runescape, sarcasm, sca, sex, simpsons, social commentary, social justice, society for creative anachronism, solar power, south park, spalding gray, star trek:tng, stephen colbert, submission, tattoos, the orb, the universe, this american life, total out freakage, trailer park boys, travel, trees, tribal bellydance, trogdor, truth, understanding, unitarian universalism, vegan cooking, vegetarianism, vintage clothing, wild things, wildness, wiretap, wit, world history, world music, xkcd
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